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“Visages” is a high quality 50 page book featuring Pascale Balaÿ’s recent work.

View it online at Photobox

The password is “Terres”

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2 Responses to Visages

  1. Lynda Summerville says:

    I have enjoyed so much 2 pieces I purchased from your studio 5 years ago. Do you sell your pieces in the USA? Is there a dealer you work with in the USA? Pascale has such a bold and sensitive vision in her work. So many people who have seen your work ask about it and you.

  2. Pascale Balaÿ says:

    Hello Mrs Summerville, I used to work with “Anthropology” shops, I have somebody in the South of France, in st Remy de provence who deals with them regularly, and every now and then I work with them on artistic pieces. I can send potteries myself to the States through Fedex international transports which is safe but double the price of the item..
    yours Pascale Balaÿ

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